Digital Advertising Services

Connect with customers. Optimize operations. Generate Revenue!


For a business venture, digital advertising is not only an imperative PR tool, but it also strengthens the effort of business sales team. With quick evolving advertising platforms and creative competitors, digital advertising has turned into the need for every producer, merchants and customers. Here, we understand the challenges faced by organizations, which requires streamlining tasks and business procedures, taking care of client demand for better insights and managing brand consistency on numerous digital assets. We, at Tarika Technologies, offer digital advertising services to many organizations, focusing on creative management, advertising services, insights and reporting solutions. Also, we integrate with organizations on their unique and innovative business needs, helping them adapt to change and generate better outcomes for clients. With our digital advertising services, your reach for the new audience will gradually increases which also improves your brand awareness and drive more conversions and sales to your business.

Our digital advertising services include:

  • Social Media Advertising (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram): Includes audience targeting and selection, social media campaign strategy, creative development, social remarketing, conversion tracking, campaign optimization, reporting and analysis helps you target your audience on specific networks through demographic information and further increases ROI (Return On Investment).
  • Display Advertising: Involves services like site placement management, contextual targeting optimization, remarketing, creative/landing page development, big management, bid review and optimization, campaign management, analytics and reporting to drive targeted visitors using video ads rather that text-ads.
  • Search Advertising/Pay Per Click (AdWords, Bing, Yahoo): Includes account structure development, keyword portfolio creation, search campaign services, creative development, conversion tracking, campaign optimization, and support.
  • Advertising ROI: Involves reviewing advertising reports & analytics for Return On Investment.