Tarika Online Backup Solutions™

Secured, easy to use & economical for backing your business data in the cloud.


Tarika Online Backup’s mission is to help consumers, small businesses, and enterprises properly protect the investment they’ve made in their data quickly, easily and inexpensively.

We all get car insurance without thinking – and yet if we crash our car – it can be fixed or replaced. What would happen if you lost all your emails? All your financial records? What would happen if you lost your my documents or Quicken or QuickBooks database? Over 60% of companies who experience such loss are out of business within 6 months. Why? Because most people don’t backup properly – either because it takes too much time and effort, or the systems required cost too much. For those businesses that do backup – the backup is usually inadequate – rarely done daily, and rarely taken offsite. Tarika Online Data Backup and Recovery Solutions addresses a fix to all that. Now small businesses and consumers can take advantage of IT-best-practice long used by major companies to make sure they never lose an important document again

  • Unbeatable Security
  • Dedicated IT support consultant
  • Prioritized response to your Queries
  • Proactive Monitoring & Reporting
  • Centralized Installation & Configuration
  • Dedicated Support

Contact us today and schedule a demo to see how Tarika Online Backup Solutions™ can be of value to your organization or email us at  sales@tarikagroup.com