Tarika Technologies Updates Brand Identity, Reinvents Logo

MARRIOTTSVILLE, MD – January 1, 2021 – As a part of an extensive rebranding effort in response to the need of renewing its corporate vision, Tarika Technologies announced the new corporate logo on Jan 1, 2021.
Digital Darwinism calls for the ability to update. Maintaining brand consistency for over 14 years in the industry, carrying passionately the emblem for what it once stood for, the company finally unveiled an updated brand identity with reinvented logo.

It has been a great journey for the corporate, marked by accomplishments achieved by diligent efforts of the entire team contending enormous challenges in the way. With protean times and industrial trends, the company has evolved in all aspects, and has undergone an extensive modernization of its ideas and approach, based on the same values and principles.

Depictions in the New Logo

The reinvented logo crystalizes the principles imparted by five core values followed by Tarika, that inspire them to stay focused towards growth on the righteous path.

The principle of exemplary leadership, is represented by a medial figure in red, with its arms spread wide to encompass the corporate in its entirety. The red dot right above, denotes the orientation of a leader towards connecting the dots (team members) with clear & effective communication, concentrating them to a unified entity with a focused vision that drives them towards excellence in all their passion and commitment. Red is the color of authority, power and strength – the real attributes of an unfeigned leader, who leads by example.

A dot also bespeaks of genesis of every opus that exists in the universe, which forms the core of how they perform, by embracing knowledge and innovation. It also forms the nucleus of the logo that bears a resemblance with the Bindu (dot) in the scared symbol Om, with the Mantra

Lead me from the unreal to the real;

From darkness (ignorance) to light (knowledge);

And from death to immortality.

The color theme of the logo is constituted by Old Glory Red depicting resilience and Old Glory Blue being the color of honesty & transparency.

Depicting all the values and a vision to excel, the new logo perfectly matches with the present profile of Tarika and inspires the team to set its eyes on bigger milestones now.

About Tarika Technologies:

Tarika Group, Inc. (dba Tarika Technologies) is based out of Maryland, USA. The creative design and branding company has also been providing a one stop Information Technology Infrastructure Management solution since 2006. The complete managed solutions encompass System Architecture, Custom Software Development, Integration, and SaaS Products. As a strong process-oriented company, Tarika also provides consultancy services including Advisory Services, Enterprise Architecture, and Cloud Solutions, to support small to medium enterprises (SMEs).

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