We are a custom software development services company that delivers custom crafted software solutions to help your business take a steep move towards growth. Whether you are a start-up or a big enterprise looking for innovative digital solutions, with our technological prowess, we cater to custom requirements of your business by having a deep insight into them first, and then custom-sizing our solutions to fit in to them perfectly.

After understanding the requirements, we develop a strategy, create a base model, implement, and deploy the process to finally get what you want. We leave no stone unturned to maintain constant communication so that we do not miss on even your minute requirements. We carry great pride in having a dynamic team of expert software professionals who are passionate of delivering the best!

Our Products

Who We Are?

Empower through Simplicity”, is what we have embraced as our Tag Line. “Simplicity” is the key in our approach. In an already noisy technical world, technology and its wide array of choices gives it a notion of complexity when the primary objective of Technology Implementation is to make things simpler. We strongly believe that the divide in Business and Technology should not exist; therefore, first understanding your business operations, functions, its performance and the organizations objectives allows us to develop simple, yet cost effective solution

As a company devoted to technology and bottom-line results, we continue to strive for new, yet simpler ways to achieve results. Today, we strive to extend our knowledge-base and constantly improve the level of expertise we provide to our clients. As a result We are immersed in the latest technology and trends to ensure our clients can leverage the best solutions technology has to offer.

Why Tarika

Tarika strives to offer custom solutions across design, development and marketing operations in a cost-effective manner to enhance your revenue. With differentiate through our tools, processes and frameworks which are not canned in nature but customized at each step of the way towards solving your unique problem.

“We Are Dedicated to Our Client’s Success”. Tarika pays precise focus to detail and puts the client’s needs and desires at the forefront. We pride in maintaining constant communication along the way, which is the key to any successful relationship, and we use all our expertise in the process to exceed your expectations.



Accessibility Testing – A Significant Aspect of Technological Compatibility

05 Dec 2018

Technology has taken over every segment of population, one of which is the disability sector which is growing day by day, globally. With the advent of inclusive education, every domain is engineered to be disabled-friendly, be it emailing service, Internet banking, e-payments, etc. The focus is now on assistive technology that is about products, easily accessible for everyone to utilise this major......

Beacon Technology – For Reshaping the Business

26 Nov 2018

Technological innovations ease the life in various ways. Today, life seems to be impossible without mobile phones, internet, e-wallets and numerous apps. We often wonder about life even a decade ago.

Imagine yourself in a retail mart and it’s a huge one! You need to buy all the ingredients required for making your family’s favorite Macaroons. But you’re standing at the garment secti......