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3D & Video Animation

It all started off with 2 dimensional presentations and sample mock of technology for some of our clients, which either got boring or did not get the message across without some visual representation.

That's when we started designing animated video's.

How we do it ?

So, it's all very simple. This is how we do it.

- You define your goals. In other words, tell us what you want to achieve out of your presentation.
- We analyze any existing presentations that you have.
- We create a storyboard for how to shift the paradigm.
- We Create Video Presentation sample clips for your review.
- We finalize the video.
- We package it and create mobile compatible formats and give it to you.

The best part - you control your requirements. We will use our creativity and give you something unique !

Check out what we did in the past !

One of our clients, Ocean Renewable Power Company (ORPC), needed to showcase its technology, which was present various 2D formats. We created a 3-dimensional model of the turbines and created a 3D animation showcasing the technology simulated underwater, which allowed investors to see how the ORPC technology worked in a realistic manner. 

TV network Al Jazeera ran a news story on August 14, 2012, about the use of ORPC's technology in a Maine tide-powered energy project.  This 3D Video Animation created by Tarika Technologies that shows how ORPC's underwater turbines will harness energy. Click here for details.

How do you get started ?

Write to us at info@tarikagroup.com and we will get you started immediately.  

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