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Performance Management Module

What’s this?

The Performance management module of EBIMS provides an easy to use tool to the organization using which an organization can have a close inside look into the technical as well as personal development of its employees.

Why should I use this?

As we all know an organization is developed by the employees which are the basic building blocks for it, So there should be some measurement techniques using which we can measure the strength of this building block and then only we can take appropriate steps to bring improvements in it. And bringing improvement at this level will of course have a ripple effect on the overall development & improvement of the organization.

What it’ll provide me?

Performance Management System provides a perfect solution for an organization having hierarchical structure of employees which is commonly seen now days. From it we can manage the data related to the Employees Performance Surveys in a sessional/fiscal year manner so that we can track the improvement done by a single entity or the whole organization in a timespan. It also manage a hierarchy of the employees which is used in dividing the task of reviewing into multiple levels so that the top level users have to review just the right data not a whole lot of unwanted bits and bytes. For a person giving its review against something our system has just simple user interface where the designed survey for the logged in user is displayed from where user can provide their views about the topics and questions in survey.  It provides the data in multiple nice easy to understand report formats of different popular file types which can be printed out to get hard copies of the data.

Core Product Offering:
  • Dashboard to view on going activities
  • Hierarchical structure of Employees
  • Create your own Panel for Survey
  • Create Templates in advance
  • Department/Division Based Survey
  • Objective/Subjective type Questions
  • Tracking Survey Status
  • Permission based structure
  • USER Friendly workflow
The system has far many capabilities to outline, therefore, we request that you schedule a demo to learn about our Performance Management.

EBIMS™ Comprises of the following modules in the current state:
  • CRM
  • Sales Management
  • Timesheet Management
  • Contract Management
  • Project Management
  • Task Management
  • Work Order Management
  • Document Management
  • Accounting & Billing
  • Piped Mail Support Center (Ticket Management)
  • Report Center
  • Performance Management
  • Mass Mail Module
Contact us today and schedule a demo to see how eBIMS™ can be of value to your organization or email us at

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