Courier Trail™

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Courier Trail™

Offered as Software as a Service (SaaS)

CourierTrail™ was born in early 2011 catering to the Courier businesses primarily for the Indian market. This Courier System Software follows the core EBIMS™ modular architecture and has been built on it. Courier Trail™ has the foundational elements of EBIMS™ and offers the base CRM within the applications core engine. The application offers powerful features to organizations catering to the logistics industry, enabling real time access to packages from the time of pick-up to delivery to the end customer. The client facing module allows ease of integration to the website providing the end clients access to real time information of their shipment.

In addition to all the features offered by EBIMS™, the system also provides the following capabilities:
  • Contact Management
  • Owner Management
  • POD Listing
  • Network Areas
  • Report Center
  • Track & Trace
  • Online Forms
Contact us today and schedule a demo to see how CourierTrail™ can be of value to your organization or email us at

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