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Over the years, Tarika Technologies team has successfully developed a suite of products extending the core capabilities of the organization to also be a Products Company alongside servicing its core customer base and maintaining a high level of focus in both the business segments. Through experience and vast amount of past knowledge of the industry the core objective of the products suite at Tarika is to make Enterprise class applications available to small to mid-size organizations at a lower cost of ownership.

As Tarika's CEO and founder Mr. Sachin Agrawal states, "Why should a small and growing business with a sound business plan compromise on what the technical capabilities has to offer to bring in operational efficiency and excellence because of a higher cost of ownership of products or services? Tarika exists to cater to these businesses to assist them in this very arena and will continue to do so and grow along with their customers. The end result is a win-win for all, built trust and a lasting relationship."

Following are some of the products that Tarika has developed and offers them as Software as a Service (SaaS) to all of its customers, as required.

EBIMS™ : Enterprise Business Information Management System:

EBIMS™ is a power Enterprise class module based application enabling its users access to power resources to automate their business processes and manage business data. Following are the modules available in EBIMS™.
Read more on EBIMS™ (Enterprise Business Information Management System by clicking here.
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