Why Tarika?

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WHY Tarika ?

Hear what our clients and partners have to say about us.
The best way to know about us is to hear what others have to say about us and talk to them. You can be certain to expect the same level of service, dedication and commitment from our team. Testimonials can read at our Testimonials section of the website.

Our Hiring Practices and Core Values.
It is not just about having the best manager, the best developers or the best engineer onboard with an impressive resume. We spend extensive hours in interviews and studying our candidates to ensure that the candidates core values and objectives are in align with our culture, our core values. This has allowed us to build a strong team with a common vision and allowed us to provide unparalleled service to our customers.

Our process.
Our projects do not finish with delivery. Growth in the business, changes in business activities require such to reflect through-out the organization and impact your operations, processes and the technology supporting your organization. We understand the importance of such change and our process focuses on full closed-loop support system designed by our team.

You will enjoy our flexibility.
Tarika Technologies' flexibility allows you to do business on your terms without re-engineering your business processes to accommodate the created custom software. When needed for your projects, Tarika Technologies creates personalized implementation methodology designed to get you up and running quickly and comfortably.

You will be assured we do our best to understand your business needs.
We take pride in our ability to guarantee successful collaboration. That means we listen carefully, understand the business needs, and clearly express our ideas to make a solution-making communication process as efficient and convenient for you as possible.

You will have full control over the project and will be always kept updated.
We do this by ensuring total communication with you and your team. This may include responding to emails and calls quickly, by bringing issues to your attention immediately, and by providing regular status reports stating what we have accomplished so far and what will happen next. This gives you a clear picture of the project status, and allows us to alert you of issues that may affect the schedule. We give full attention to each detail of every project and this approach allows us to serve you with the best possible quality and service.

You will obtain reliable, maintainable solution.
We are experts at designing networks and writing and testing source code. On the development side, our code is always well documented, cleanly designed, and rigorously tested. Every project is broken down into discrete components with well-defined requirements and interfaces. We at Tarika Technologies consistently deliver high quality solutions in a timely fashion.

You will receive carefully calculated time estimates.
We give you detailed time and cost estimates so you can find the best solution for your business. You'll be informed right as we've set a ballpark figure for the project development time. In case the project scope or the use of some new technology prevents us from delivering a precise estimate, we'll give you a realistic evaluation of the soonest, latest and the most likely timeframes.

You will be satisfied with our dedicated service.
Professional project management skills together with sound work ethics and sincerity in all relationships allow us to provide you with excellent service and ensure mutual understanding. We give full attention to each detail of every project and this approach helps us guarantee the best possible quality and reliability.

You will enjoy our technology.
By developing our own extensible development environment – Tarika Technologies delivers code with bug counts far below the industry average. Our methodology also ensures a consistent look and feel throughout our applications, dramatically reducing training time and guaranteeing the ease of use.

We DELIVER with 100% Client Satisfaction.
This can be seen through our performance record. Clients we acquired in the beginning are still with us. We are focused on providing a product 100% to your satisfaction and business needs and WE DELIVER.
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